Wiseburn Watch – October 20 Meeting Notes

Apologies for all who tried to join remotely we will be broadcasting December 8th meeting. Please find below notes from our meeting on October 20th

  • Please join us for a special meeting on December 8th where Department of Public Works will take our questions on establishing a Preferential Parking District

Wiseburn Watch Meeting

Wednesday 10.20.2021 @ 7:07 PM – 8:00PM


Board Members:

  • Eddie Urenda, President

  • Bill Magoon, VicePresident and Law Enforcement Liaison

  • Mary Radler, Treasurer

  • Phil Radler, Secretary

  • Tim Crise, Board Member

Government and Law Enforcement Partners:

  • Lt. Mike Modica, LA Sheriff Department,

  • CHP, Officer Karina Muñoz

  • Ara Ahn, Deputy for Constituent Engagement, Office of Sup. Holly J. Mitchell, 2nd District


  1. – Welcome and Introductions

  2. – Questions for Law Enforcement

  3. – Crime Overview

  4. – Mr. Bill tours the neighborhood

  5. – Preferential Parking District

  6. – Santa Parade

  7. – Open Forum


  1. Questions for Law Enforcement

    1. Dispensary patrolling and shutdowns

      1. Supervisor’s office (Ara) provided the name of the County Counsel working with LASD South LA Station Narcotics Division:

Jessica Cohen

Deputy County Counsel

Office of the County Counsel Affirmative Litigation & Consumer Protection

648 Hall of Administration, 500 West Temple Street Los Angeles, California 90012

  1. Lack of enforcement complaints for dispensary, please reach out to County Counsel for updates

  2. Questions about use of guns for home defense

    1. Will explore future sessions on gun use for home defense

  3. Walking Path lighted cross path to be completed between Nov-Feb

  4. Preferred Parking District

Action Items

  • Invitations for December 8th Meeting DPW Preferential Parking District

  • December 18th Santa Parade invitations

Next Meeting Agenda Items

  • Special Meeting – December 8th, 2021 – Department of Public Works presentation on Preferential Parking District at Wiseburn Watch meeting (invites will follow)

    • Toy Collection will be for LA Sheriff’s Department Toy Drive

  • Santa Parade on Saturday, December 18th, 2021