UWS Bins replacement FAQ


I just ran into the UWS Operations manager for our area, Victor Carrillo.

Here are the recommendations for the community to the questions I posed:

  1. What if I am missing bins? (i.e some/all WM got picked but did not receive UWS) Call UWS and say you do not have bins. This will be first priority and often same-day.
  2. What if I still have WM bins and want them replaced with UWS bins? Call UWS and they will schedule bin pickup and new UWS dropoff on a date (not necessarily waste pickup day) where you can safely put WM bins out.
  3. What if I keep my new and old bins? At some point during mid-October UWS will only service UWS bins and it will force you to call for pickup of old bins with replacement being UWS bins.
  4. What if my cart broke or the wheels fell off? UWS Operations Supervisor assures is these Toter 96 gallon buns are top of the line, if anything failed on the bins it may be the 3rd party delivery service not attaching the wheels properly or the truck using too much force on the bin. Both situations are being addressed by UWS with training. If you find yourself with UWS broken or wheeless bin, please call UWS and they will replace the cart .
  • Bin swaps that are being done by one of the methods above happen on customer request. Bin swap checks will continue to happen in service (Monday) and on demand by contacting UWS below.
  • There is a chance that WM did not transfer your account, the best identifier for you as a customer is your physical street address. Please note that they will make you setup an account if they are unable to find your address and name as a WM customer.

UWS is at (800)631-7016 and customerservice@uwscompany.com

How to handle garden irrigation during Sept 6-20 restriction period

Please see recommendations below from Scott Houston at West Basin on how to handle garden irrigation during September which we asked about during the meeting:

Our understanding is that a vegetable garden could be handled the same way as some/certain flowers. As such, prior to the shutdown, residents should:
• Water deeply and early the morning of Monday, Sept.5, or on the last day before the shutdown
• Add mulch around your plants three inches from the stem. Do not irrigate mulch, pull it away while watering then put back into place
• Shade your plants where possible. Shading can be done with sun cloth, canopy tents or umbrellas
• Water vegetable garden as normal. Do not overwater as that could harm them
Lastly, it’s worth noting, MWD and West Basin are doing everything we can to reduce water demand during the shutdown. During the shutdown, to avoid outdoor irrigation water use, it’s a great time to get creative and find new opportunities to reimagine how we use water. One excellent strategy for a vegetable garden (which typically doesn’t use much water) might be to place a bucket in your shower to catch water, and then use the water in your garden (hand water the garden). This might turn in to a long- term habit that makes a big difference!

WUSD Community Meetings on School Safety

Join in on two opportunities to hear how Wiseburn is addressing both physical & emotional safety. On Monday, June 6, hear from HPD Chief Michael Ishii and Superintendent Blake Silvers, on Tuesday June 7, hear from WUSD Counselors on review of and open Q&A for our school safety protocols.