Wiseburn Watch – Meeting Minutes January 19, 2022

  1. Office Green on Parking – 129th Street curve is a hazard
  2. Bicyclists sharing the sidewalk with Pedestrians (Bill) – varying degrees of guidance but CA Vehicle Code, and LA City prohibit (as does Hawthorne) but LA County Dept. of Business and Consumer Affairs offers some guidance
  3. March 16th meeting – pending confirmation from LACO Sheriff Candidate Eli Vera
  4. Speed Bump on S. La Cienega – needs follow-up with 2nd District liason
  5. Dr. Blake Silvers (Superintendent for WUSD) provided updates on WUSD
    • WUSD School renaming (committee still seeking community inputs)
    • WUSD Board Member Retirement and vacancy
  6. Will invite Clean Power Alliance (CPA)for a future meeting to speak to the community as our default (must opt-out to keep SCE) CCA to purchase clean energy for SCE delivery.
  7. Grant/funding experience help needed, Wiseburn Watch is a 501(c)(3) organization seeking help and inputs from the community to raise funds (thanks Kevin DaSilva for providing a contact)