Wiseburn Watch Meeting Notes – January 15, 2020

First meeting of 2020!

Present: Harley Hoff (board president), Mary Radler (board), Eddie Urenda (board), Lt. Modica (LASD), Officer Kurt Vandermeulen (CHP)

Items discussed:

  1. New illegal pot shop on Inglewood (suspected Hawthorne side not County)
    • discussion ensued about how to shut down current shops
    • parking in the red to visit shop
    • Lt. Modica is Detective station – can receive additional information to investigate current County pot shop violations
    • Check with Mary Jones, Deputy for Constituent Services from Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas’ office
  2. Speed limit fixed on W 135th street in East bound direction in front of Dana MS (thank you Maria Acosta and City of Hawthorne for fixing)
    • Alvin Lai is Wiseburn’s new traffic contact person from Dept. of Public Works (Maria Acosta has contact information)
    • Speaking to Dan Mills to see if we can coordinate a community plan for traffic in Wisebun (Eddie Urenda + Dan Mills) – will involve assigning block leaders and getting our local politicians involved – Sup. Mark Ridley Thomas, Assembly Member Autumn R. Burke, etc.
  3. West Basin having a FREE rain barrel distribution on February 15th